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Integrated Hydrogen Cooker and Hydrogen Storage
on the base of Metal Hydrides

Hydrogen can be directly converted to thermal energy by hydrogen burners. Hydrogen burners with a thermal power output from 500 to 5000 kW have been developed by the Labtech Ltd.

Hydrogen burners have been used to construct stationary and non-stationary hydrogen cookers (0.5 to 5 kW). The main advantages of hydrogen cookers are:

  • Simple, safety and sturdy construction
  • Free COx and Low NOx emissions
  • User friendly operation
Because of clear advantages over other hydrogen storage techniques, hydrogen cookers are equipped with hydrogen storages on the base of Metal Hydrides.


The Hydrogen cooker is very attractive for kitchens in green houses and boats.
It is a important solution for these countries in the world with large areas which have no grid and no effective energy carrier. With this reason Labtech cooking equipment meets the UNIDO requirement for the development of a H2 cooker with portable hydride storage.

The Founder of the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Mr. Arno A. Evers discuss the hydrogen cooker/storage performance with the President of Labtech at the HANNOVER FAIR’08

La Republika:“Domani il presidente della Regione Toscana Claudio Martini berrà un caffè all'idrogeno” Dr. Claudio Marini the president of Toscana region (IT) tested a coffe made by Labtech hydrogen cooker presented in Arrezo hydrogen meeting 29-30.Aprele.2008.

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